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[Tech] 2013/01/10 13:13

(Trendbird) MAUZ - iPhone Enabled Gesture Computer Mouse

MAUZ is a smartphone enabled pointing device that allows you to control computers around you using your phone, gestures and visual cues

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MAUZ allows users to control computers and media centers with a kinetic three dimensional computer mouse ? connected to one’s smartphone. MAUZ app will support interaction with programs using motion and visual gestures. On the leading edge of Human Interface Device (HID) innovation, MAUZ offers advanced features and simplicity of use. The MAUZ app automatically pops-up once the user plugs the device to the smartphone, prompting control of computer, media center, etc.


Get rid of those old school notions - use the z-axis and employ different movements to interact with your computer programs in a whole different way.

  • 3D Navigation - Works similar to a Wii controller for your computer - just move the phone around to rotate your design work / flight simulator / whatever else...

  • Program gestures to fit your need - World of Warcraft enthusiast? Slay that dragon with a swish of your MAUZ; an avid PowerPoint user? Create a gesture to align objects to the left; devoted web surfer? Create a gesture to move back and forward between your pages - Whatever your poison is... create a gesture for it.


MAUZ is changing the game or at least the way we play games, watch TV shows, control computers and listen to music... with a simple hand movement you can do so much. MAUZ responds to how your hand moves above the phone's camera, if you have to align objects to the left just signal to the left and if you want to zoom in/out or pan the earth in Google Earth simply move your hand back/front and sideways to see that ball rolling!

The MAUZ visual gestures are pre-programmed to interact with different computer applications.  A swish of the hand to the right can mean the next song on your playlist or change the color of an object in Photoshop. You can also customize them to your own needs.

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2013/01/10 13:13 2013/01/10 13:13